Fonctions principales

Includes a belt or shoulder strap for hands-free mobile use

Contains Silicon-backed retention strap to hold device securely.

Belt loops can be used to attach the holster to a belt up to 41 mm / 1.625” wide (not supplied) 

The Toughmate FZ-N1 Slim Holster will keep your TOUGHBOOK N1 handy and ready for action. Our holster features a silicone backed retention strap to keep device secure. Users can use the belt loop with snaps to attach the holster directly to their personal belt of choice up to 1.625"" wide.. The exterior nylon shell and foam construction provide excellent screen protection for your FZ-N1 device. The slim holster will accommodate the TOUGHBOOK N1, an N1 extended battery, and all Toughmate N1 hand straps (not combined with extended battery).  It is also compatible with the TOUGHBOOK T1 device and accommodates the Toughmate T1 Standard hand strap and Enhanced Hand Strap. This product has passed the appropriate tests to qualify for the TOUGHBOOK Certified status. 

Caractéristiques Techniques Complètes

Weight 90.7 g / 3.2 oz
Warranty 12 months
Dimensions 165 x 95.25 x 41 mm / 6.5 x 3.75 x 1.625
Compatibility TOUGHBOOK N1 & T1