Études de cas

Chez Panasonic, nous pensons que l’histoire de nos produits est indissociable de l’expérience de nos clients. Chacun de leur retour est unique et fait la richesse tant recherchée de nos études de cas. Découvrez comment la technologie de Panasonic libère les potentiels en lisant les comptes-rendus de nos utilisateurs.

Catégorie: Communication platforms
Reprofit is the largest clinic of reproduction medicine in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2006 and thanks to its results has become one of the most attended and successful centres in the Czech Republic as well as Europe. To help infertile couples to conceive a healthy child, physicians at the clinic recommend the most suitable methods of assisted reproduction without any unnecessary financial or time burden. Several dozen specialists from all of the world cooperate with Reprofit, which leads to the preparation and treatment of patients being more efficient.
Catégorie: Communication platforms
Secteurs: Europe, Education, University & College
The distance learning university opts for Panasonic telephony equipment from supplier Daycom, enabling it to strengthen its national and international operations.
Catégorie: Communication platforms
Secteurs: Europe, Broadcast, Production, Leisure, Hotel & Hospitality
The Hotel Castilla Termal spa, located in a former monastery, has given its communication system a boost by installing Panasonic equipment with support from Coyser.
Catégorie: Communication platforms
SystemNet supplied and installed a Panasonic communication solutions at Criminal Court of Justice in order to supply a system with track record of stability and featuring 1 + 1 Redundancy & Hot Desking functionality
Panasonic has partnered with Licom to upgrade RAES Autogroep communication systems and customer service.