• JS-925WS

    LightRay Cash Register System

  • JS-925WS

    LightRay Cash Register System


LightRay Cash Register System

Panasonic is now introducing the new Energy Star qualified Lite-ray POS workstation.

Based on Stingray, Lite-ray combines Panasonic's proven performance with an open platform to accommodate virtually any POS software application in a cost-efficient package for small business operations. Its extensive features include a 15" display, a host of optional security features, MSR placement, spill and dirt resistant construction, an all-in-one fanless design with a small footprint and a rear static pop display holder with a two line rear display. In addition, Lite-ray features a 3-year warranty.


The JS-925W is a Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal, ideal for supporting your fast moving customer business transactions. It uses an Intel Atom CPU helping to reduce electrical power consumption , whilst maintaining high performance.


JS-925WS provides various options to meet customer’s needs. (15”or 12” Display, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Dallas Key Reader, RAID HDD, Solid State Disk, UPS Battery, Asset Management (software))

User-Friendly Design

Adjustable display provides a wide range of viewing angles to accommodate the height of virtually any user as well as accommodate for environmental glare.

Small Footprint

The compact, all-in-one design of the JS-925WS eliminates clutter and requires less counter space.

Quality and Reliability

Fanless: A high quality ‘quite in use’ workstation, with few moving parts makes the JS-925WS have an overall higher reliability rate than fan-based units. Spill proof: Purpose-built and tested for harsh environments. RAID HDD: Optional second HDD with RAID 0,1 support provides data protection and backup. SSD: Optional Solid State Disk prevents mechanical shock, creates power-savings and reduces the risk of HDD trouble. UPS Battery: Optional internal uninterrupted power supply ensures smooth system shutdown and recovery in the event of sudden power loss.